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South America, Southern Africa, Southern Europe, South-East Asia; exception: Association of Southeast Asian Nations) South-South cooperation southward spatial-profile model specialize speed-dial (verb) speed dial (noun) spelled (not “spelt”) spillover (noun and adj.) stabilization stabilize staff-day, staff-hour staff member stakeholder stalemate standby (noun and adj.) stand-alone (adj.) stand in (verb) stand-in (noun) State-building stationary (not moving) stationery (paper) status-conscious status-of-forces agreement status quo steady-state (adj.) step: compound forms are closed except: step-parent stillbirth stillborn (adj.) stockbreeder stockbroker stockholder stock market stockpile stocktaking storefront storekeeper storey (of a building) straightforward strikebreaker strike-slip fault strip-search *sub: compound forms are closed except: sub-account sub-amendment sub-aquatic sub-area sub-assembly sub-body sub-bottom sub-branch sub-bureau sub-calibre sub-centre sub-discipline sub-element sub-entry sub-folder sub-interval sub-issue sub-item sub-lessee sub-lessor **sub-let sub-munitions sub-office sub-prefect sub-prefecture sub-prime sub-province sub-Saharan sub-theme sub-working group sub-zero subject matter (noun) subprogram (computing only) subprogramme *subunit succour **sulfur summarize Sunna (traditional Muslim law) Sunni (adj.
The existing "expedition" type ships also offer some solo cabins- a few, but pretty enough.

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