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Borderline online dating

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Someone with borderline personality loves you — Here are 6 ways to love them back.If you feel like one moment your partner loves and adores you and the next they’re verbally abusing and abandoning you for no reason, your partner more than likely has borderline personality disorder (BPD).

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It’s turning the music up loud so you don’t hear the catcallers, or turning down an invitation to a work outing because the coworker who’s going has a reputation for getting handsy when he’s drunk.

A true borderline continually plays the victim role.

They have to be the victim of someone, something, constantly.

Other symptoms include unstable interpersonal relationships, feelings of hopelessness, rapid changes in mood, issues with abandonment, dissociative or paranoid symptoms, and feelings of emptiness.

With all of those symptoms driving a wedge through your relationship, it’s clear how difficult it can seem for a relationship to thrive.