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However, through health education and increased awareness of healthy eating practices, African Americans are replacing traditional pork products with turkey, fried foods with baked foods, and starchy vegetables with tomatoes and green vegetables.
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Ferb has shared an enduring relationship with Phineas for which they have come to know one another not only as brothers, but also as best friends ("Mom's Birthday", "Rollercoaster").

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Heh, my goodness, I can only imagine what his [HELL'S FANG! ] Normally used when a character is going to say something rude in a programme where the FCC (or other Media Watchdogs) will leap on it. Strangely enough, the bleep effect often makes the joke funnier than if the swear word had actually been used (thus forming the premise of Censored for Comedy comedy).Eventually, Ferb and Lawrence moved to the city of Danville in the United States where his father met a woman named Linda Flynn and fell in love with her at a Love Händel concert ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together").When Lawrence married Linda, Ferb gained Linda's children, Phineas and Candace, as step-siblings.Ferb and his stepbrother went into space to see the star his father had bought for them.Their sister accidentally tagged along though, and the three went on a perilous journey through the galaxy.Surviving an asteroid field and other dangers, they ran out of fuel and stopped at an asteroid where a milkshake bar stood.