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“They asked for two weeks without any contact, which we didn’t really agree with, but we did take that one," she told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme.

"After five weeks, we were still not in contact with him, so very early on, we knew this wasn’t the place we wanted him to be. He’s unsettled or you’ll upset him, or he’s been misbehaving.

He told the court he did not know residents were being locked up, but he was convicted of a health and safety offence, fined £12,500 and ordered to pay costs of £105,000.

Jolyon Marshall, a director, was sentenced to 28 months in jail for conspiracy to falsely imprison and perverting the course of justice.

More than a dozen directors and staff at two care homes in Devon have been sentenced in relation for the “organised and systematic” abuse of vulnerable residents.

Atlas Project Team Limited ran the Veilstone and Gatooma homes in Holsworthy, providing care for residents with significant learning disabilities.

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Rather than care in the community it became lack of care in the community and systematic neglect. The phrase that comes back to me, ‘If you kick off, you get the quiet room’.QC Langdon went on to claim that residents were sent to the rooms at the Veilstone and Gatooma homes, both isolated former farmhouses, for “trivial reasons: staring at a staff member, facial twitches, asking questions repeatedly, missing a hair appointment could all be triggers for residents to be sent to the rooms”.Among those convicted were Paul Hewitt, the founder of Atlas and a well-known figure in mental health who helped formulate national policy on caring for people with learning disabilities in the community.There were many that benefited from the Atlas regime but the way that the rooms became used was not beneficial.Those two rooms cast a dark shadow over people’s lives.” Clare Garrod said her son Ben, now 25, had been “kicked, punched, stripped naked” and had water poured on him locked in a room after moving to Vielstone from the Winterbourne View hospital which was shut down in 2011 after a separate investigation exposed abuse.He’d been listening to an Emilie Sande song and he said is it nice to laugh through the glass, and I said it depends if people are being kind or not and it just all came out," said Ms Garrod. They think these people haven’t got a voice, but actually he can tell anything he wants, when he feels safe." She added: "It was awful. Kicked, punched, stripped naked, water poured on him locked in a room, he told me theyd lock him in and say mind the spiders don’t eat you. It just broke my heart.” Ben is now with a “good provider”, she said, adding he is still “damaged”. In a joint statement following the trial, they said: “The evidence has been chilling.