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Perhaps they saw in me things I did not see in myself. Regardless, they were cool as fuck, and I was lonely. People stopped what they were doing to check me out. Or perhaps, what they saw did not conflict too much with what Greg and Harry had said. English majors, skaters, potheads, strait-laced finance guys, hoopers, psych majors.

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They mosey on over to frat row the first week of class in the clothes that make them feel best, their hair looking just right, and begin hunting for older boys to like who will like them back. Long hair: Maybe he smokes weed and surfs, things I also like to imagine myself doing/have done.All frat-row neophytes want to get drunk and laid, of course, but they have more innocent wants as well, at least one of which is the same thing they wanted when they were 15, and 11, and six, all the way back to the pre-verbal days: a safe place, loving arms around them. If you've followed any coverage of fraternities, and the many heinous things they do, it may seem paradoxical that young, vulnerable boys would seek to cure their vulnerability by flocking to facilities where they will, if they are "lucky," be made to drink dangerous volumes of alcohol, or jump off tall structures, or chant racist and sexist slogans, or have their genitals struck, in order to feel affection. Never mind that I was putting myself through school with a mix of scholarships and loans, and could not afford the dues.But there is a perception among pledges that so long as they are not alone in suffering these abuses, they are also not in any real danger. But I also wasn't prepared to navigate a small college campus as a true independent.(Since graduating, he's spent the last 10 years working on reducing poverty in developing countries.)Thus did I learn my first lesson about the fraternity system: The "stoner frat" is not all stoners, the "creepy frat" is not all creeps, the "jock frat" is not all jocks.What most outsiders think of as a frat's essential personality is really a projection of its most dominant members, and this is accomplished through intense, petty internal politics.There are nine historically Black Greek letter organizations (BGLOs) that make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council.