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Iphone locks after updating firmware

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Since Blacklists contain IMEI numbers, I am pretty sure that even with a Software unlock, your i Phone will not be allowed to operate within that country’s carriers.

For the newer i Phones, the Software method does not work.

Currently, those are the available services that you can use.

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Hopefully an update to i OS will resolve the issue.

In most cases, people just try to sell them on e Bay or other online stores.

If the owner hasn’t placed a message to the i Cloud Activation screen, then the only way to find the original owner is through an i Cloud Contact Information Service.

If the owner has the Find My i Phone feature ON, he will be able to send a message to that i Phone, and inform the person who found it how to contact him.

In very rare cases people have contacted the original owner and the story had a happy ending.