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Policy of mandating minimum biofuel use

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Lancaster, New York - Lancaster's sanitary sewer system clogged Monday because of illegally dumped cooking grease, and Department of Public Works crews and a private contractor were working into the night to prevent flooding. directed the code enforcement officer to investigate the source of the clog.The cooking grease likely comes from a restaurant in the village improperly disposing of the waste in Lancaster's sewer system. Further, the grease is so compacted that standard measures to blast out the clog in the sanitary sewer weren't working, the mayor said.The company's owners, Frank Brandse and Erica Wicklund- Brandse, face six years in prison and 0,000 in fines if convicted on four class- four felonies, including theft, forgery, computer crime and attempt to influence a public servant. W) "There was raw sewage and grease several inches deep, and an old door was being used as a bridge to walk across the sewage to reach a place to sleep," said the judge.Calgary, Alberta - The co-owner of a southwest restaurant faces ,780 in fines being convicted of 54 Alberta Health Act charges for unsanitary and unsafe conditions at the now-defunct eatery. Lexington, North Carolina - The estimated total volume in gallons was 9,500 of untreated wastewater.The estimated cause of sanitary sewer overflows from restaurant grease blockages is 54% in the USA and Canada.Grease blockages cause raw sewage from the sanitary sewer to overflow into the storm sewer system, public land, and private properties.

Restaurant grease discharged into the sanitary sewer was never a thought. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually on sanitary sewer repairs, pumping station repairs, and raw sewage spill clean-ups from grease blockages. Our clean water supply and natural water systems must never be compromised - at any cost.

Dothan, Alabama - Dothan has been in trouble with the Environmental Protection Agency since the Beaver Creek plant became unable to handle flows during heavy rainfall, triggering numerous sanitary system overflows (SSOs), which are instances in which raw sewage discharges from the sewer system.

Most of the SSOs were caused by grease clogging the lines. It sticks to the sewer lines and eventually causes a clog, much like cholesterol clogs a person's arteries.

The federal agency will give the municipality no more than five years to reconstruct and free its sewer of overflows caused by rainwater, roots, grease and other blockages.

Lemasters said anytime there is an overflow into the sewer system, raw sewage discharges into the county's creeks and rivers.