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Unable to break into the writing field they moved to Canada where he owned a tobacco store in Montreal.The family later relocated to Los Angeles, California where his father, unable to become a Hollywood writer, worked as a clerk and court reporter for the FBI.He also wrote articles for a small newspaper criticizing the military, which resulted in his being penalized with three months of KP duty.Between 19 he tried to get jobs as a stand-up comedian in about 30 nightclubs throughout Los Angeles, but with no success.But Sahl had by then already enlisted in the United States Air Force.He was later stationed in Alaska with the 93rd Air Depot Group.

He appeared on various television shows, played a number of film roles, and performed a one-man show on Broadway.

His stage presence was seen as being "candid and cool, the antithesis of the slick comic," states theater critic Gerald Nachman. It always does." For her it was like watching a circus act: "He freewheels a bike on a high wire tightrope with his brain racing and his hands off the handlebars." Time magazine in 1960 published a cover story about him and his rise to fame, in which they described him as "the best of the New Comedians [and] the first notable American political satirist since Will Rogers." His audience had also widened to include not only students and a "hip" public, but now even noted politicians sought out his shows.

Some became friends, such as presidential candidate John F.

He noted that all the previous successful comics dressed formally, were glib and well-rehearsed, and were always in control of their audiences. Then Mort Sahl came along with a whole new style of humor, opening up vistas for people like me." Commenting about Sahl's monologues, Nachman describes him as a "gifted narrator, so good at taking you along on his travels that you didn't quite realize until the show was over that you had been on a labyrinthine journey." The speed with which Sahl gave his monologues was also notable.

Sahl dressed casually, with no tie and usually wearing his trademark V-neck campus-style sweater. British film critic Penelope Gilliatt recalls how Sahl's improvisation "goes on a breakneck stammering loop and you think it will never make the circle.