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Yet each type of document has its own data requirements, its own document template, and its own workflow.

One solution to this business problem is to create four content types.

1) Create the web application and the root site which you want it to be the Hub 2) In the Managed Metadata Service Application (under Central Administration | Application Settings | Service Applications )properties, you can set the Content Type Hub 3) In the Managed Metadata Service Connection, we explicitly tell to consume content types from the hub 4) Now, we can go to our content type hub site, create content types and you should see Manage content type publishing option 5) And publish the same 6) This will publish the content types Timer Jobs In order to receive the published content types immediately, you can go and run two timer jobs immediately: 1) Content Type Hub 2) Content Type Subscriber (of the web application which is going to receive the content types updates) Published Content Types After running the timer jobs, the content types should be published.

Go to your Site Settings | Site Collection Administration | Content Type Publishing You can see all the published content types here 🙂 Remember, as long as the Web Application use the same Metadata Service Application the content type hub is using, it can receive the content types from the hub.

Very neat and useful feature from the Share Point team!

All three types of documents have some characteristics in common; for one thing, they are all financial documents and contain data with values in currency.In addition, they could define characteristics that are unique to each type, such as a particular set of metadata, a document template to be used in creating a new item, and a specific workflow for processing an item. Content Type in Share Point includes following details with it: What is Content Type Syndication?It is new feature that is part of the Managed Metadata service in Share Point 2010.Below is the diagram representing the above chaos: Share Point 2010 Share Point 2010 now introduces a new feature called Content Type Hubs.Content Type Hub is a central location where you can manage and publish your content types – so now web applications can subscribe to this hub and pull down the published content types from the hub.This is all pretty obvious when you really think about it.